Do you have a group of friends or family over for dinner at your house on the Costa del Sol, west of Malaga, we offer a private chef!

Contact us for more information, menu suggestion and offer!

Available for 6+ covers.

Birthday celebration? Wedding? 

La Mar Chica offers group menus for group of 6-30 people for any occasion. Our room fits up to 30 people comfortably inside our restaurant.

Cooking Workshops

Looking for an acitivity for a group of friends or colleagues? La Mar Chica's headchef Dennis Van Tintelen offers workshops in our restaurant. 

Together with you we will choose a theme for the workshop - for example desserts, sauces or fish. 

Duration: 2-5 hours

We supply kitchen materials and ingredients. During the workshop we will teach you how to prepare different dishes and we finish off with a lunch/dinner family-style where we all share the food made!


No one else brings passion and love to their cooking like a home chef. That’s why I want to share reinvented Italian favorites with you so you can turn your kitchen into your own idea laboratory. I’ll teach you how to develop your palate, how to imagine new versions of classic dishes like risotto and pasta, and how to reduce food waste for a sustainable future.