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"In the end it's all about wanting to lick the plate.."


Dutch head chef and owner Dennis Van Tintelen composes his menu from fresh ingredients, sourced from the land, mountains and sea that surrounds us.

The menu is inspired by his favourite culinary corners of the world, be it New Nordic cuisine, Spanish or Asian..

Our menu changes every 6 weeks. 

For any allergies or dietary restrictions please consult us in advance.

October 18 - December 15

December 21-27, 2023

December 31 - TAKEAWAY

Mar Chica dinner


Our wine list consists of a small, yet varied assortment of wines that we love. We are always on the lookout for interesting grapes and wines.  We hope you will enjoy and form your own impressions!

We offer wine pairing to compliment the dishes 

 4 glasses € 19.50 / 5 glasses  € 24.00 /

6 glasses € 28.50 / 7 glasses € 34.50

"Drivers' wine pairing" which is a small measure (4cl) also available!

La Mar Chica wines 2022
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